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Welcome to Wooly Bloom!

In this cozy game (literally), you help the big mighty teddy to put himself back together by collecting the right wool-flowers. Wooly Bloom was created in a 48-hour GameJam where it took first place, but because we had so much fun we added two days of polishing on top! We recommend playing this game with a controller/game pad but you can also use Keyboard & mouse. 

Big Special Thanks to Artist Karina Klintz (https://karina_klnz.artstation.com/) and Programmer Marten Kahl (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marten-kahl-090969172/) for contributing to this project and working with us, it was a pleasure!

The game is not just cozy and peaceful - but completely kid-friendly! There is no timer, pressure, conflict or fighting of any kind - just enjoy and pick some flowers.

The team:
- Susanne Bataloff, art, sfx, vfx and animation
- Jan Suchanek, gameplay programmer 
- Paula Shrayber, art and animation
- Felix Mundschenk, production and level design

How to play:

using Controller:
- Left stick for steering + right stick for camera
- start button for menu

using Mouse + Keyboard:
- WASD/arrow keys for steering + mouse for camera
- escape for menu

All sounds, music, textures and fonts were not made by us, but are downloaded, free-to-use assets :) 


Wooly Bloom.zip 154 MB

Install instructions

-Download the .zip file and unpack it

-Then execute the Wooly Bloom.exe file

- note: some installs of windows may prompt the "unknown" or "untrusted" content warning. in that case just hit "more information" and then you should be able to click "run anyway" to access the game.

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